Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth

Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth

The most famous adventurer ever returns for more death defying action

The year is 1939. Poland has not yet been invaded - World War II has not yet officially begun. When Hitler seizes the remainder of Czechoslovakia in March, the Munich treaty is broken, and Chamberlains appeasement policies come to an end.

Heads of State carefully watch the tinderbox of Europe, and shadowy government agencies comb the globe for resources and allies in the inevitable conflict that is to come. When a fragment of a German communique is intercepted by agents of MI5, they become aware that a prominent researcher and occult expert - Dr. John Burton - may be working with the enemy.

When his London offices are searched, they find only cryptic clues...and are forced to turn to one of his former colleagues for help. MI5 solicits the help of Marcus Brody and Indiana Jones - who are quickly drawn into the investigation by ties of loyalty, and an old grudge.

On the trail of the missing Dr. Burton, Marcus, Indy, and his student Shelly Hartley discover more than they bargained for - the secret history of an old legend, the device that triggered an ancient arms race, and a source of power which could tip the balance in favor of the forces of darkness. Join Indy, Marcus, and Shelly in a globe spanning adventure!

From the desert sands of Egypt to the tropical paradise of Bimini, guide Indy and his friends in a complex story-driven adventure. Join the Man in the Hat as he undertakes another thrilling adventure...because if adventure has a must be Indiana Jones!

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Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth


Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth

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